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Business and investment opportunities in Indonesia

We understand that India and China are the countries that have very high economic growth in the world, even beyond Europe and the United States, but if you want a more diversified investment, Indonesia is a more appropriate choice. Economic growth in Indonesia has always been above 6 percent.
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Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia has a population of over 250 million, and countries such as Japan and China shrewdly investing in Indonesia because the country has tremendous market potential. The middle class in Indonesia has increased compared to the growth of the middle class in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, besides these three countries do not have a large population. 

The movement of the stock market in Indonesia is also known to be very dynamic in Asia. Since the last 10 years a growing number of foreign investors who enjoy capital gains on the stock market in Indonesia.
If you do business in the field of tourism, then you can build a network of hotels, resorts, travel agents and airlines in the country and abroad. Air Asia, Value Air and other foreign airlines have been successful flight of investment in Indonesia, as well as highly successful international hotel chain in Indonesia. Indonesia is a beautiful country that has a lot of the world's best beaches, and more preferably local and international tourists.
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Beautiful Indonesia

There are a lot of land for industry or if you want to build a factory, farm or estate, coal mining and other areas such as property, hotels, banking, finance, insurance, tourism services, information technology, then Indonesia is the right choice, both in the western part of Indonesia, and in the central and even in eastern parts of this beautiful country.

 You also have an opportunity to build your business for export to foreign countries because you will get a modern industrial facilities and skilled labor. You will easily find employment, professionals, managers, and even high-level management. Since last 25 years, Indonesia has  a lot of intelligent employee, even many who received a bachelor's degree or master's degree from the best university in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the United States. Thus you do not have to put the labor of your own country if you set up a company in Indonesia, just one or two people from your country. 
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Industrial Estate in Indonesia

You will easily recruit experienced professionals and recent graduates of top universities in Indonesia. For the needs of the staff or below the level of manager, you will also be easier to recruit employees with excellent skills.

If you come to invest in the United States, Europe or China, Thailand, Malaysia are very expensive, so Indonesia is a paradise for investment. Indonesia is ready to provide industrial estate, business and the modern office. If you need land to build hotels or resorts, then Indonesia is also an excellent area for Indonesia area is very spacious with a variety of unique characters. 

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