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Business Opportunities in Myanmar

Myanmar or Burma was once called, has now begun to evolve toward political and economic changes. Myanmar is also a member of ASEAN countries, so that Myanmar started following developments around ASEAN. Many political prisoners have been freed, and had held a parliamentary election; despite the Buddhist-majority country is still led by the military. Aung San Suu Kyi freed and returned to the political stage, and we look forward to the wheel like a freer democracy in Indonesia.
Aung San Suu Kyi, Yangon, Myanmar, pagoda, holiday in Myanmar, business in Myanmar, new business, business expansion, business opportunity, hospitality, hotel, cafe, infrastructure
A view of the vast and beautiful pagoda of Myanmar. Image: vivutravel.com

In terms of economics and business, Myanmar is basically very exciting to open a new business or expanding an existing business in your state by opening a factory or a regional office. 

This country definitely needs fresh blood to drive the economy and employment. Investment you can do in this country even though the infrastructure is not as good as neighboring countries such as Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia.

With the friendly weather, Myanmar provides many business opportunities in various fields such as farming, fishing, and wood industry.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Yangon, Myanmar, pagoda, holiday in Myanmar, business in Myanmar, new business, business expansion, business opportunity, hospitality, hotel, cafe, infrastructure
Thadingyut Festival, a beautiful lighting festivalImage: myanmarsurvivalguide.com
If you do not have a large capital to do business in areas that require huge capital, then you can go into business as a business hotel (two stars), city hotel, restaurant, cafe, creative industries such as handicrafts, garments in medium scale businesses, and a variety of small businesses, and other medium-sized businesses.

The price of land or property in Myanmar is definitely not as high as in Hong Kong, Singapore or Tokyo. You can work together with local businessmen who own land or factories. You do not have to buy the land (see regulations on the ownership of land in Myanmar), rent of land or buildings in the long term are definitely better.

Myanmar has high hills, tall mountains, and river to offer plenty opportunity to start a business here. According to the website Paul Hype Page & Co, you are very likely to build a business in the hospitality or tourism. Travel agencies, for example, may take tourists for trekking, sight-seeing, and even mountain climbing expeditions around the snow-capped mountains on the hill, while others can cruise on a luxury yacht on the warm and deep blue Ayeyawady River in the south.

Myanmar must be very happy to receive tourism investors, and you do not need to build big hotels, are now more moderate budget tourists who traveled to the ASEAN countries because they want to stay longer and they want to enjoy more of a tourist destination. The middle class of the neighboring countries of Myanmar is also increasing, so they are a great potential for you. Cafes, restaurants, travel agencies and tourism support industries certainly also very likely in Myanmar. You can take this opportunity immediately.

The national legislature is grinding its way through the making of laws. With the start of a more hospitable political change, then the foreign entrepreneurs need to think about to develop business in Myanmar. Japanese businessmen and particularly China has been moving faster than the American or European entrepreneurs, how about you? The legal system is more friendly to foreign investors would have been better than it was five years ago or a decade ago.

Fortunately, with the recent 2012 elections, things have started to turn around for Myanmar when Aung San Suu Kyi, the widely-known reformist leader, made an excellent entry into the political scene of the country. After the 2012 elections, substantial reforms have helped increase business opportunities in Myanmar. As a result of these reforms, several developments have kick-started in Myanmar.

Fostering good relations with local entrepreneurs and officials in this country is definitely important to do before you open for business in Myanmar since the country is still young in the relationship with foreign investors.
Yangon, Myanmar, pagoda, holiday in Myanmar, business in Myanmar, new business, business expansion, business opportunity, hospitality, hotel, cafe, infrastructure
Yangon, the capital of MyanmarImage: asianews.it
The great news that I found on asianews.it, Yangon, Myanmar's "commercial" capital will change face in the coming decades and by 2040 it will become a megalopolis of 10 million inhabitants. 

The development massive plan should transform the current commercial heart of Myanmar into a modern urban center used for development and growth, able to compete in the coming decades with major Asian and global markets. You can be part of the development process in Yangon or the surrounding cities and other areas in Myanmar.

Opening a business or business expansion into new areas it takes courage and a strong entrepreneur spirit, not only willing to take a risk, but it takes a great business vision. You’re Patience and Humility guide to learn the local customs and culture of a nation, as well as in Myanmar, will definitely make you more successful. Myanmar is opening up a new country in the political midwife, and then you will be the pioneer that could give way to entrepreneurs and other companies. Myanmar is a new star in the ASEAN, and make sure you are picking one of the brightest stars in the beautiful country because of its unique culture.

To know more Myanmar close, is very nice if your short break and holiday in Myanmar, so you can see for themselves the state of Myanmar culture and directly. There are many beautiful places in Myanmar, who knows you will be inspired to build a new business or business expansion to the land of a thousand pagodas.

Are you going to take action and take care of travel documents to Myanmar? Let’s do it.             

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