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How to get venture capital for your startup business?

Start up business has recently become a trend in many countries. If you do not have enough capital, you can find sources of funding, such as financing, investor are ready to add your shares in the new company, or venture capital.

Do you have a unique idea? Now is the time you make a team and organization to realize your brilliant idea. There are many creative people, young and old, and they have a brilliant idea to develop new products or services, even new technologies and applications that can be transformed into a new business. Among them are some who try to realize opportunities or open up entirely new opportunities, so it could be a new product that may surprise many people. The 21st century was the century of the emergence of new entrepreneurs. They do a "start up" to realize their ideas in the business world.
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Unique idea for start up business. Image: gc-id.blogspot.com
A start-up a new business always starts with a great idea that is often out of the box, and beyond ordinary people's thinking about starting a business, which is usually always a conventional business. The idea can be realized and they often provide great profit in just a short time, even less than one year. But there are always new entrepreneurs who are confused about the capital. This makes sense, because in between the perpetrator of a startup business is young people, who have great ideas, but they do not have enough capital to develop their ideas into a reality. That fact is the distribution, sale, and of course marketing, including advertising.

Of course there is the idea of seeking working capital, ie by applying for a loan to the bank. The new entrepreneurs do not have their fixed assets to use as collateral. Very unfortunate when a brilliant idea they have to stop. However, they should not worry because they can receive financial aid or a collaboration of other major corporations. If they are keen and willing to search for the information seriously, then the new entrepreneurs can get venture capital.

Jokowi, startup, venture capital, entrepreneur, small business, entrepreneurship, business idea, new business,

                                          Gojek, a successful start up business in Indonesia. Image: infokomputer.com

Venture capital for a business start-ups are common. In addition to ordinary venture capital firm, which was specifically prepared to capitalize the new company, we can also obtain equity or venture capital companies that have products, services or the same vision with our new business. With a little skill diplomacy and an attractive presentation, a new start-up business can get venture capital or equity participation with the best deal.  

Before you look for venture capital opportunities, financing, or equity, then make sure you have a start-up business characteristics and requirements as follows:

1. Unique, original meaning and yet another entrepreneur who runs your business idea.
2. Services or products you are not only unique, but can be produced at a reasonable cost.
3. The products, services or applications and you are developing technologies that will be marketed or sold in the long term.
4. In technical and marketing model can be run in a variety of formats, making it attractive to be marketed.
5. Type your start-up is not a blind imitation, but must be genuine, or 90 percent of the work you can be packaged in a unique, so different from the product or other businesses that already exist in the market.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, you also need to have a team that can support you so that it can convince investors, banks or venture capital firms. You just determine whether your new business will be sold as a whole or 100 percent, or you're still a part of the company. Because there is the inventor or owner of a start-up business that is willing to remove its unique business to investors, and enjoyed sales of the company he founded, and enjoy life or to make a new start-up companies.
Jokowi, startup, venture capital, entrepreneur, small business, entrepreneurship, business idea, new business,
Jokowi and Obama. Image: nasional.tempo.co
All the decision is in your hands. And also can choose to remain fully involved in your new business. This can happen because investors actually do not have the expertise like you, which is probably because your business is unique, so without your involvement, then the business can not run perfectly.

There is good news for those of you who have big capital, because you can find a lot of start up business in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia has a very visionary president, Joko Widodo, aka Jokowi. President Jokowi even set up a special institution to handle the creative business. Lately, Jokowi was excited to streamline the bureaucracy, accelerating the process of licensing and building a massive infrastructure in various areas to support all business activities in Indonesia. You can invest more easily in Indonesia with the potential for nearly 250 million inhabitants, it is a very open market for various products and services.

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