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How to get venture capital for your startup business?

Start up business has recently become a trend in many countries. If you do not have enough capital, you can find sources of funding, such as financing, investor are ready to add your shares in the new company, or venture capital.

Do you have a unique idea? Now is the time you make a team and organization to realize your brilliant idea. There are many creative people, young and old, and they have a brilliant idea to develop new products or services, even new technologies and applications that can be transformed into a new business. Among them are some who try to realize opportunities or open up entirely new opportunities, so it could be a new product that may surprise many people. The 21st century was the century of the emergence of new entrepreneurs. They do a "start up" to realize their ideas in the business world.
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Unique idea for start up business. Image:
A start-up a new business always starts with a great idea that is often out of the box, and beyond ordinary people's thinking about starting a business, which is usually always a conventional business. The idea can be realized and they often provide great profit in just a short time, even less than one year. But there are always new entrepreneurs who are confused about the capital. This makes sense, because in between the perpetrator of a startup business is young people, who have great ideas, but they do not have enough capital to develop their ideas into a reality. That fact is the distribution, sale, and of course marketing, including advertising.

Of course there is the idea of seeking working capital, ie by applying for a loan to the bank. The new entrepreneurs do not have their fixed assets to use as collateral. Very unfortunate when a brilliant idea they have to stop. However, they should not worry because they can receive financial aid or a collaboration of other major corporations. If they are keen and willing to search for the information seriously, then the new entrepreneurs can get venture capital.

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                                          Gojek, a successful start up business in Indonesia. Image:

Venture capital for a business start-ups are common. In addition to ordinary venture capital firm, which was specifically prepared to capitalize the new company, we can also obtain equity or venture capital companies that have products, services or the same vision with our new business. With a little skill diplomacy and an attractive presentation, a new start-up business can get venture capital or equity participation with the best deal.  

Before you look for venture capital opportunities, financing, or equity, then make sure you have a start-up business characteristics and requirements as follows:

1. Unique, original meaning and yet another entrepreneur who runs your business idea.
2. Services or products you are not only unique, but can be produced at a reasonable cost.
3. The products, services or applications and you are developing technologies that will be marketed or sold in the long term.
4. In technical and marketing model can be run in a variety of formats, making it attractive to be marketed.
5. Type your start-up is not a blind imitation, but must be genuine, or 90 percent of the work you can be packaged in a unique, so different from the product or other businesses that already exist in the market.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, you also need to have a team that can support you so that it can convince investors, banks or venture capital firms. You just determine whether your new business will be sold as a whole or 100 percent, or you're still a part of the company. Because there is the inventor or owner of a start-up business that is willing to remove its unique business to investors, and enjoyed sales of the company he founded, and enjoy life or to make a new start-up companies.
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Jokowi and Obama. Image:
All the decision is in your hands. And also can choose to remain fully involved in your new business. This can happen because investors actually do not have the expertise like you, which is probably because your business is unique, so without your involvement, then the business can not run perfectly.

There is good news for those of you who have big capital, because you can find a lot of start up business in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia has a very visionary president, Joko Widodo, aka Jokowi. President Jokowi even set up a special institution to handle the creative business. Lately, Jokowi was excited to streamline the bureaucracy, accelerating the process of licensing and building a massive infrastructure in various areas to support all business activities in Indonesia. You can invest more easily in Indonesia with the potential for nearly 250 million inhabitants, it is a very open market for various products and services.

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Vital information before you buy a new property

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Beautiful property in Bali. Image:
Ever considered buying a house recently? It’s a real headache! With the soaring property prices in the Asia Pacific region, buying a property has become increasingly difficult especially for the younger generation.

Everyone will want to have a house, an apartment or a plot of land for various purposes. The first certainly due to the need for shelter, and the next is for an investment or a gift for a loved one. Before you do that, let's look at this important information, so you have an accurate picture before deciding to purchase the property.

A recent YouGov survey reveals that a majority of the residents (79%) think that the property pricing in the Asia Pacific region is unreasonable. Find out more: 

2015 APAC Property Market Overview:

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The creative economic opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia has found a new leader. He's just an ordinary person, but has a big dream to realize a great Indonesian. In the presidential campaign debates, presidential candidate 

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Jokowi support national car developed by students. Image:
Joko Widodo, or better known as Jokowi has expressed his vision to realize the dream of the anti-corruption movement, build the education system with the slogan "Smart Indonesia", or Indonesia Pintar, and "Healthy Indonesia" or Indonesia Sehat, also build the economy of the people, not just build large projects for economic growth only. For alignments Jokowi on society and the youth, Jokowi will develop the creative economy and creative industries.

In a debate ahead of the presidential election, Jokowi in the presence of competitors, the presidential candidate Prabowo, Jokowi clearly and straightforwardly explain the great potential of young people in the development of the creative economy such as movies, music, animation, handicrafts, even Jokowi also eloquently explains on the management of stage (performances). Jokowi is very understanding of the potential of young people who are very creative. Business billions of dollars will be developed from the creative industries sector. There are so many young people of Indonesia who have talent in animation, game development, graphic design, software development, music, movies, and other creative technologies. 
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Jokowi wearing a Metallica T-shirt before the Metallica concert in Jakarta. Image:

Jokowi is known to be very close to the world of art and creative activities. He is a big fan of rock music, even he was enjoying heavy metal music, and have been watching the show Metalica, Sting, and so on. He also had a great interest when Michael Mann made ​​a film in Jakarta. Before he became governor of Jakarta, when he served as mayor in Solo, Jokowi creativity are excited to help students to develop a cheap car to be mass produced, so that people can buy the middle and bottom of the original Indonesian-made cars at affordable prices.

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Jokowi plays a guitar gift of Robert Trujillo, Metallica bass player. Image: 
As a new president, Jokowi be serious to build Indonesia with a new spirit, mental revolution, so that the bureaucracy in Indonesia could be more efficient, then corruption can be minimized. Indonesian society can be disciplined, work hard to achieve their dreams, especially Jokowi strongly supports small and medium-sized businesses to be successful globally. Jokowi also friendly to foreign investors who want to support the creative economy in Indonesia.

If you are young, or you have a young spirit, and you have expertise in the field of art or science, you have the opportunity to develop your creativity in Indonesia. Among the ASEAN countries, Indonesia has a Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kementrian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif), whose purpose is to assist the development of creative art and other creative knowledge in order to be transformed into a profitable creative industries. Are you ready?

The Ministry has provided an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to develop economic creative economic in Indonesia, both directly related to tourism, as well as with other business areas. If you could bring the technology to develop a multi-media business is also very wide open in Indonesia, so the development of businesses such as gaming, comics, fashion design, and so definitely have a place in Indonesia.

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Business Opportunities in Myanmar

Myanmar or Burma was once called, has now begun to evolve toward political and economic changes. Myanmar is also a member of ASEAN countries, so that Myanmar started following developments around ASEAN. Many political prisoners have been freed, and had held a parliamentary election; despite the Buddhist-majority country is still led by the military. Aung San Suu Kyi freed and returned to the political stage, and we look forward to the wheel like a freer democracy in Indonesia.
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A view of the vast and beautiful pagoda of Myanmar. Image:

In terms of economics and business, Myanmar is basically very exciting to open a new business or expanding an existing business in your state by opening a factory or a regional office. 

This country definitely needs fresh blood to drive the economy and employment. Investment you can do in this country even though the infrastructure is not as good as neighboring countries such as Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia.

With the friendly weather, Myanmar provides many business opportunities in various fields such as farming, fishing, and wood industry.
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Indonesia is a haven for expats

Indonesia ready to welcome the expatriates.

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View of the city of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital. Image:
If you want to work abroad, the country that comes to your mind? Well, if you want to work in one of the Asian countries, what country would you choose? 

Perhaps you immediately pictured  Singapore, Tokyo, South Korea, Hong Kong or Malaysia. In some ways these countries is attractive to foreign workers, for example, many multinational companies have regional offices in Tokyo, Singapore or Hong Kong. Salaries and allowances offered perhaps also quite high. However, Indonesia will eventually become a haven for expatriates.

There are many foreign executives or expatriates who want to extend their working lives in Indonesia. Some things unique and interesting for foreign workers, among others:

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How to establish business in South Korea

How doing business in South Korea?

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Gyeongbok-gung palace in SeoulImage:
South Korea encourages foreigners to invest directly or indirectly in its economy. This emerging country provided foreign investors with many incentives, such as tax relief, cash grants, support of industrial sites, financial support, and so on. 

South Korea is the world’s 12th-largest economy. It has a GDP of over U.S. $ 1 trillion - Per capita purchasing power is some U.S. $ 30,000. It's a very attractive market to market various products and services. Perhaps South Korea is a good choice for your business expansion. 
South Korea is a high - tech economy, so if you are building a new business or expand in this state, you will not be a problem with skilled labor in the field of technology. Physical infrastructure and information technology are also very advanced and one of the best in the world.
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How to prepare a good business trip to overseas

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Fantastic business trip. Image:
Preparing for international travel is unlike planning a business trip within one's own country. If you plan to travel to a foreign country on business, make sure you obtain the proper documentation, including an up-to-date passport and any necessary work visas. 

Although business travel can be fun, but make sure you know about the condition of the country you will visit. With the recent political disorder in countries like Syrians, Egypt, Ukraine or Thailand, and natural disasters in some areas, overseas travel also requires certain safeguards to protect you during a time of crisis.

Perhaps a visit to the countries that are experiencing such severe political problems in Ukraine, should be delayed while and wait until the situation is more favorable. But if there is anything urgent, then you need to ensure safety for yourself with those who will welcome your arrival in the country.

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How to set up a company in Malaysia

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Views of Putra Jaya, Malaysia's new capital. Image:
Malaysia as a former British colony has the tag line "Malaysia Truly Asia" to attract foreign tourists to visit the neighbor’s country of Singapore and Indonesia. The country is also attractive as a business and investment destination. Infrastructure in Malaysia is ready to welcome foreign investors such as Singapore and Indonesia or Thailand. 

As a member of ASEAN, Malaysia has a strategic position as suitable as a springboard to distribute products to surrounding countries as well as to outside the ASEAN region such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan or India.

There are more than 600,000 registered companies in Malaysia and approximately 4000 foreign companies, majority of them are companies limited by shares. There are over 1,000 companies listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. The companies are publicly traded and public investors can buy and sell shares on the Malaysia stock exchange.  (Source: Data obtained from the Companies Commission of Malaysia).

With the economic potential and its geographic position, as well as the strength of human capital available in Malaysia, then you can take advantage of the opportunity to establish a company in this country. If you are interested, then you need to know the terms in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. How to set up a company in Malaysia?

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Franchise business opportunities in Asia

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A new coffee shop in Jakarta, Indonesia. Image: Komang Setiabudi
Asia has considerably revived the recent financial crisis. Most of the countries like Korea and Japan are posting big trade surplus, exceeding even the pre-crisis levels. 

Indonesia and other Asian countries is a lucrative area to build new business and expand your business activity. There are a number of businesses in Asia available just for the picking and at great investments. Asia has certainly made distinguished economic progress over the last quarter of this century. And the private sector has played a significant role in the process of transformation and offering a world of business opportunities in Asia. 

There are a number of businesses in Asia available just for the picking and at great investments. Asia has certainly made distinguished economic progress over the last quarter of this century. And the private sector has played a significant role in the process of transformation and offering a world of business opportunities in Asia. This is a very good opportunity for you to start a business in Asia.

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Set up business in Indonesia

Business and investment opportunities in Indonesia

We understand that India and China are the countries that have very high economic growth in the world, even beyond Europe and the United States, but if you want a more diversified investment, Indonesia is a more appropriate choice. Economic growth in Indonesia has always been above 6 percent.
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Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia has a population of over 250 million, and countries such as Japan and China shrewdly investing in Indonesia because the country has tremendous market potential. The middle class in Indonesia has increased compared to the growth of the middle class in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, besides these three countries do not have a large population. 

The movement of the stock market in Indonesia is also known to be very dynamic in Asia. Since the last 10 years a growing number of foreign investors who enjoy capital gains on the stock market in Indonesia.
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Start a new life in Paradise

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Bali is the last paradise on earth. Bali is a nirvana for Balinese and for who visit this island. Many people visit Bali more than once for holiday or retreat. There are lot foreigners who works as expatriate in Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia comes to Bali for holiday and discover Bali as a dream land of opportunities. They fell in love with the culture, people, nature and a great potential of Bali.

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A romantic sunset 
According to world travel magazine, Bali is the best island resort in the world for many times. This unique island becomes a main tourist destination. Business people from other island and other country place Bali as their marketing office, workshop and other activities to make their business grow. If you are one of them, as a business owner or you try to start a new business, Bali is the best choice for you.

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